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Why Fresh Content is Critical for Your Website and SEO
Owning a website has it's responsibilities. You can't just upload it and forget it.

Regular website maintenance is a must if you want your site to be successful. Every update you make to your website once it is "live" on the internet plays a part in its interaction with visitors, customers, and the powerful search engines. However, a static website without updates of any kind may be viewed by search engines as obsolete – with no life and nothing new to offer. Simply put, if you update your website often with high quality content, search engines will love you for it.

Search engines use web crawlers (a.k.a robots or "Googlebots"), which are simply high-tech programs that scan the internet for websites. The web crawler "indexes" a site based upon a number of algorithmic factors determined by the search engine company. These tend to change without notice. Every time you make an update to your website, the search engine takes notice and re-arranges your site's ranking.

Fresh Content = Frequent Indexing Fresh content may not give you a higher ranking, however the more frequently you update your website with articles, downloads, and new content, the more frequently the search engines will stop by to visit your website. When search engines look at your site more frequently, you have a better opportunity to achieve higher rankings. So, add an article, an image or just make some change on your site to get noticed.

Keep in mind, it still has a lot to do with the quality content you provide. More content is not the key here, quality is. Update frequently, but keep your content standards high. Why is content so important for SEO?

Another good reason to update your website is to provide up-to-date information for new visitors. You could utilize a RSS feed that will keep your subscribers updated, or having a giveaway or a contest periodically is a good way to create some buzz about your site.

By keeping your audience engaged, you develop long-term loyalty, which translates into returning traffic which adds great value to your website.

There are all kinds of things that need to be done when maintaining a website. Whether you decide to do these yourself or hire out the work, it still needs to be done. If you would like more information on dotKim.co Website Maintenance Packages, CLICK HERE.