Company Information

When I create a website for you, I will be filling in all the information on the site during the development process. I also use real information in the design mockups so that you can have a clear vision of how your info will look on the new site. The following general business information is needed at the start of your project:

Official Business Name – If your business needs to be displayed with any legal symbols or titles, or if you need to have ™, LLC, Inc.,® or anything of the sort included with your business name.

Primary Phone Number – Whatever phone number you use to answer calls and inquiries for your business.

Business Email Address(s) – Any email addresses you want to use on the site. If you have multiples like,, or, let me know.

Hours of Operation – Please let me know what your hours of operation are. Displaying these on your website is extremely important, as many customers these days visit a business's website solely to find this kind of information.

List of Services – Always provide a list of services that you will need pages for on the site. For example, if you're a fisherman, you would tell us that you do Lake Fishing , Ice Fishing, Bass Fishing, etc. Also be sure to tell me about any "sub services" you may have in addition the main ones. The more information you can give at the start, the smoother the design and development process will be.

Site Content

When starting to develop your website, I like to customize the design process as much as possible. In order to build a successful website, I need to know exactly what information you want to display on the site. Different content is best displayed in different ways, and knowing what content you want to include is crucial to creating a decent website layout. I wouldn't want to design a section on the site that features, say, a photography portfolio if you're a dentist. That section would be almost useless to your business and a waste of design time! If you don't have any content for your website yet, here are some pieces of info that can be very valuable to me:

A short tag line, motto, or mission statement for your business and/or service. - Give a 2-3 sentence summary of what you do and how your business is beneficial to your target audience. Great pieces of information to start with might be your niche in the industry, target demographic, and services you provide.

Page content - This is the text or verbiage for every page of your website. Write up team member bios, service descriptions/explanations, company bio information, a mission statement, FAQs, pricing tables and anything else you think would be needed to sell your service or product to your clients.

Full size images for a gallery or portfolio (if applicable) - Provide images at the highest quality possible. Unless you are using my image editing service, please be sure to provide images that are already edited to your liking.

Stock photos - Any images you want to see on informational pages of the site. If you don't have any, at least give an idea of what kinds of images you want to see and how they relate to your content. Stock photos that illustrate your services, pictures of your products, team member portraits or headshots, images of your office, etc.

Company Logo

If you already have a logo for your business, you should provide it as soon as possible. Most logos on the web nowadays are high-resolution and have transparent backgrounds. Grainy or pixelated logos make your website look unprofessional and incomplete. Not having a clear logo can reduce the overall brand identity of your site as well.

If your logo was professionally designed, you should have received a file package from your designer. This package should have your logo in a variety of file types and sizes. I will need to have a version that is large, high-resolution, and with a transparent background. The ideal file to provide would be a .PNG file type that is at least 500px wide. This file can usually be successfully resized without reducing the quality of the logo image. Other acceptable file formats are .EPS, .PSD or .TIFF.

No logo? Consider getting one before you start building a website. Having a solid logo creates a solid brand identity throughout your website. I use design elements from your logo to make sure your website matches your brand. Your logo is the face of your business and is used in a wide range of places and marketing material. It's better to design your website around an existing logo rather than designing a logo after the site is complete. To learn more about brand identity and custom logo design services see:

*Please note that sometimes logo files are created with a solid background, but can be edited to remove it. This takes extra time to prepare your logo for use on the website.

Design Ideas

Provide examples of design elements that you like to give me an idea of what styles to play around with. You can provide links to other websites you like, along with comments about what it is in particular that you like on that website. Other design elements are important as well. For example : If want your website to have a very rustic feel to it, or you prefer clean white backgrounds, you would want to point that out. You may provide photos of your examples to give an idea of you own personal vision as far as styling, layout, and colors etc.
I may need additional information throughout the process. These points are a place to start, but there may be more. A good rule of thumb is that if you're unsure if I'll need a bit of info... send it. Even if I don't need it at all, it's better to have too much info than not enough!